A micro sci-fi tweet I wrote recently – hopefully the first of many! Check out more from the Story Seed Vault, they have some awesome microSFF

Story Seed Vault

The dystrophy meant Tom needed an exoskeleton to stay mobile. He just didn’t expect it to scratch at his door everyday at 6am for walkies.

Relying on more “lo-fi” exoskeletal supports to stay mobile (i.e. leg braces), Alistair Baldwin’s vested interest in upgrading human mobility has caused him to become obsessed with the stylish Superflex “soft robot” bodysuit from SRI International’s Robotics Division – one of many defense force funded exoskeletons that are being rebranded for disabled people. But how long before these suits become enmeshed with hyperactive AI, and demand walkies at inconvenient times?

//Alistair Baldwin is a screenwriter, arts writer and comedian with a pair of cyborg legs that combat lameness on two levels. Find him on twitter at @BaldwinAlistair.//

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